Getting you towards your vintage fireplace

Perhaps you have been dreaming of this day for years. Perhaps you have been putting it off for so long because you really never believed it was possible anymore. The home you have is comfortable, and it is nice looking too. You live in a reasonably modern home with all the regular appurtenances that come with it. But your dream was always to have a feeling of the old world attached to it. Up to a point, you could achieve this with some of your family heirlooms, but it was not quite enough.

They always say that when you are re-designing or re-modeling your home, you should start with the kitchen. It remains the focal point of your home that much you have to acknowledge. Because this is where your family needs to gather to share the evening meal and talk about the day that just went by. But you do realize just how expensive and challenging such an exercise will be to transform it to that old fashioned look you have been after.

And what about the living room? Isn’t that also an important meeting place for the family, or have they all grown up and left the nest. Speaking of focal points, the fireplace is just such a spot in the living room. You can begin your dream remodeling project by altering this area and installing an antique fireplace and matching it nicely with the traditional fireplace bellows and all other antique tools.

You can also start thinking of lighting at this point in time. To get that antique look in lighting just right, you can add in antique lighting fixtures and fittings. By the time your work is finished in this quaint space, you can move on to the next area of your living room.