Help! We have an emergency! Can you help us?

Maybe you have only heard this in the movies or on one of your favorite TV shows. Popular movies and shows do come to mind at this stage. In real life, you may have encountered such tragedies, but these are few and far between, thank goodness for that. Or you only read about it in your local newsprint or online. You heard about it and you read about it, but it never happened to you, your family or your privately-run business.

But just remember this, major emergencies do have a habit of occurring when you least expect them to. So you had better be prepared. It is all good and well that the building you are occupying has provided you and your staff with all the emergency response equipment and the perfect fire escape. But what do you do when the fire extinguisher malfunctions or the building’s fire escape route is blocked? Today it is that easy and you have every right to be proactive in exercising a little more responsibility than others.

By setting your own safety standards and setting yourself up to be safe and secure, no matter what happens, by installing your own portable fire extinguishers and one or two portable easy to store away options in the range of the emergency escape ladder, you set the perfect example of responsibility for others to follow. Portable emergency implements are easy to manage as well. Invariably, you and your staff will be provided with an easy to follow manual on how to use these emergency kits, including the first aid kit.

In the home environment, nothing can be left to chance and it is your sole responsibility to secure your home as suggested here.